The 4 pillars of Fitness Goals.

Hi, and welcome to my site. My name is James and I’ll be your guide.

Below are what I like to call the 4 pillars of reaching any fitness related goal: Diet, Training, Recovery and Motivation/Inspirational. You might be able to get some results with only 3 pillars present, but it’ll be like driving a car with the brakes on: Frustrating and ineffective. Read on and let me help you remove the brakes.

Pillar #1: Eat like an animal!

When it all comes down to it, what you put in your mouth is arguably the most important factor in any physique related goal. If you don’t eat more calories than you burn each day you simply won’t put on any muscle weight. Let me repeat that – if you’re not gaining weight you’re not eating enough. That means for us skinny-fat guys that we need to eat like an elephant. More on this here.

Likewise, if you’re not eating less calories than you’re  burning you won’t be lose weight and that six pack will be hidden forever. More on getting a kickass six pack right here

Secondly, what you eat is very important as well. Protein, carbohydrates and fat are the big three players, and I’ll give them a short rundown here.


Protein is probably the most important of the three nutrients as it’s the building blocks of muscles – no protein no muscles! When we’re trying to gain weight, protein is crucial as it’s literally what muscles are made of. Not only that, but when we eat less than we burn protein protects the muscles from getting burned off instead of the fat. I’m a fan of protein, and you should be too.

Great protein sources include poultry, red meat, cheese and eggs. More on this here.

Carbs and Fats

You’ve probably heard of low-fat and low-carb, and while some people thinks that one eating style is superior to others, I’m a bit more flexible. Both nutrients have their advantages, and cutting one out entirely is not a good idea in my opinion. Fat is used by the body to make muscle-building hormones and carbs are used literally everyday- especially when we work out.

With that being said, if a program calls for a specific type of eating, don’t change it. The program was designing with that specific diet in mind.


It’s worth talking about supplements. You’ve probably heard about protein powder, weight gainer, creatine and so on. These supplements are very popular and for a reason. If you’re having trouble getting in enough calories or protein, want to be able to do more work in the gym or simply get more out of your work in the gym supplements are awesome. Keep in mind tho, 99% of all supplements are innefective and a waste of your money. If you want to know which supplements I recommend take a look at this page.

Pillar #2: Weight lifting and bodyweight training.

When it comes to building muscle training is extremely important. Without some kind of stimulation the muscles simply have no to reason to grow. Eating more calories than you burn is a great place to start, but without working out the excess calories will turn into fat.

Your workouts can consist of everything between bodyweight exercises to heavy bench presses. As a beginner all the various terms can be daunting to say the least – when designing a program we have to think about workout frequency (how many days a week you train), decide on whether or not we want to hit each major muscle every workout (full body training) or split up the muscles into groups (split day training). You also have to consider sets and reps, rest periods and all that good stuff not to mention which exercises to perform!

With so many variables there’s literally a million ways to program your workout, and no one will blame you if you find all this a tad bit confusing. Don’t get discouraged, however, as there is plenty of information on this site to get you past the beginner stage.

However, if you want to cut the learning curve you can read my review of this program which helped me go from ! I spent A LOT of time beating around the bush, trying to crate my own perfect little program. It wasn’t until I started following a professional one that I started seeing results.

Pillar #3: Recovery

This third pillar of getting massive is often overlooked, but learn from my mistakes so that you don’t make the same.

When I talk about recovery what I mean is simply the process of the body repairing itself. This is where the muscle grows, and it is every bit important as the workouts themselves.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “your muscles doesn’t grow when you train them – they grow when you rest!” and it’s true. But you’re probably wondering why it’s a pillar of it’s own, and here’s why:

Your body can’t tell the difference between mental and physical stress, and it’s actually possible to hinder your muscle-building by being stressed out all the time! I like to use water in a glass as a metaphor for stress and recovery. The water represent stress, while the glass represents your recovery.

Stressful events and activities pour water into the glass – arguing with a girlfriend or family member, losing your job and not being able to pay rent pours water into the glass.

The more water you have in your glass, the harder it is to remove it as well. You’ve probably experienced this, where the more stressed out you are the worse you are at handling additional stress.

However, this also means that the more water you have in your glass the worse is your bodies ability to repair itself between workouts. You’ll be excessively sore, fatigued and demotivated quickly if you can’t remove the water faster than it pours in!

Good news is that are ways to reduce the amount of water in your glass, and reduce how much gets poured in. Focusing on recovery will not only mean better results from your muscle-building efforts, it’ll also mean a happier you. Win-win.

Hop on to my recovery page to check out what to do.

Pillar #4: Motivation and making it a habit.

Also contains keeping track of progress, visualization, so on.

If the previous pillar was often overlooked, this one is never seen! Think about it, how many times have you decided that enough was enough, and you want to change your body. Maybe you want to get rid of those damn love handles or beer belly, or maybe you simply can’t take it anymore to be called spaghetti arms? You get your butt down into the gym with a burning motivation, but what happens after 1-2 weeks? Motivation fades and 3 workouts a week, turns into 0 workouts a week.

I think this is the greatest obstacle for beginners. For me, it has become a habit, a ritual, and I simply love training. I’m addicted to seeing the results, and I know that if I work hard enough, they’ll come. However, as a beginner you don’t have this reassurance. You haven’t tasted the sweet taste of training success yet, and maybe you’ve followed outdated advice from friends, family or “bro’s” down at the gym and got disappointed when the results didn’t show.

Finding ways to keep up your motivation until it becomes a habit is important and it’s often what gets people down. They lose track of their goal, and they get demotivated if something doesn’t go exactly by plan. Being motivated is all about being able to visualize yourself with that six pack or those boulder shoulders. It’s also about tracking your progress so that when the results stall for a week, you’ll be able to look back and be assured that what you’re doing is on the right track.

Don’t give up

If you’ve made it this far you’re a guy (or gal) who are serious about getting bigger. It’s possible that you’re frustrated, perhaps even a bit desperate but fear not. I, James, have been in your shoes and I can tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you follow the advice on this site, it’s not a matter of if you reach your goal, but when you reach it. Buckle up and prepare to change your body!