Honest Review of “The Venus Factor” Diet Plan Book

Published in Diet on 16th February 2015

Description: The Venus Factor is a truly comprehensive weight loss program for women. It tackles both diet and workouts, deals with supplements, and takes leptin into account.

In the old days, diet books were actual books—you bought them in print form and then you follow the text as best you can. The Venus Factor is a thoroughly modern diet plan book and uses online media and technology to enable you to get the information as fully and as quickly as possible.

Steps of the Venus Factor Explained and How to Use It

First of all, if the name Venus Factor still doesn’t clue you in, this is a weight loss program designed specifically for women. The basic principles of the Venus Factor takes into account basic differences between the genders, and this particular program addresses women’s concerns.

There are three basic precepts here which make it different from other weight loss programs.

  1. It takes leptin into consideration. Leptin is a rather newly discovered hormone, and its existence was only unearthed in the 1990s. It’s a hormone that affects your satiety level (whether you feel full or not) and is also important in the process of burning fat for energy.

Now this is one reason why women’s diets should be different from men’s, and that’s because women have much more leptin than men, leptin may behave differently in women, and the brains of women react differently to leptin.

  1. It promotes the concept of “reverse calorie intake”. This concept says that not everyone consumes the same amount of calories. Instead, your most extremely lowest amount of calorie intake is when you’re severely overweight. Once you start to lose weight and you get closer to your ideal weight, your calorie intake gradually increases.
  2. It suggests a “metabolism confusion” approach. This is a rather new concept, and perhaps the members of the Venus Factor may ultimately prove its worth. This idea takes its cue from the fact that the human body is very adaptable.

Medicines lose their effectiveness over time, and you begin to need more and more to get the same results. Sometimes a medicine like an effective dandruff shampoo stops working and you need to alternate with another brand so you can keep the dandruff off.

In workouts, it’s the same thing. You need to regularly change your workout routine to make sure your body doesn’t adapt to the workout and you don’t get as much improvement as you can.

In the Venus Factor, your metabolism is forced to adjust to constant dieting variations.

The Venus Factor Diet Recipes – What Do You Eat?

Another plus factor for the Venus Factor is that for the nutritional portion, all aspects are considered. You learn all about the important meals and veggies in the Venus Factor diet. You’re told what not to eat as well.

Fortunately for those who are dreading this part, the nutritional guidelines are not as restrictive as what other programs may offer. It’s a very realistic diet program, and it takes the lure of treats into account. It is also very flexible, and you have a wide range of meal options to choose from. And the “reverse calorie intake” seems psychologically as well as physiologically sound. The more you lose weight it seems, the more you’re awarded by increasing your calorie intake.

You also learn about how supplements can help you in your weight loss efforts. The supplements used in the Venus Factor are listed and organized in a database according to which ones work (which few actually do) and which ones don’t really work (a category into which most weight loss supplements fall).

And since leptin is part of the weight loss equation, you’re also told the secret Venus Factor herb and its effect on leptin. This information alone is excellent, but it’s only a small part of the leptin diet.

Comprehensive Media

The really great thing about the Venus Factor is that just about every type of medium is used so that you can really comprehend the information you need.

For example, you get PDFs of the nutritional and workout guidelines. The nutritional guideline gives you the info on what and how to eat, along with how many pounds you’re expected to lose. For the workout, you have an exercise manual with a schedule.

But, you also get actual software that calculates calories and projected body measurements. This program really cuts out the guess work.

And then there are videos of the exercises (more than 130) so that you know exactly what you need to do.

Finally, there’s an online community you can turn to where the other members can interact and where the makers often join in. Here’s where you can get tips and motivational support.

Is The Venus Factor Any Good and Does It Work?

The short answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. It working for me so far and it really is working for so many thousands of people who are currently members. The experiences and reviews of the Venus Factor from customers are mostly positive, and in fact in the online community one of the favorite contributions of members is to post pictures and videos of how they have benefited from the program.

The Venus Factor is a comprehensive program. It’s not just about dieting or working out. Instead, the focus is on both parts of the weight loss equation. Remember what doctors say: you need a healthy diet and regular exercise. The Venus Factor considers both aspects equally important.

Cost of the Venus Factor, Where It Is For Sale and Special Discount

If you’re interested in the Venus Factor, the standard price is $47 for the whole program. You can just go on the official website and sign up. Often there’s either a special discount or there may be freebies offered that can further aid you on your quest to lose weight.

If you want to try it out, you can take advantage of the free Venus Factor trial and money back guarantee. The trial price is a mere $9.95, and that should really open your eyes to the wealth of information and tools available here. And once you sign up with the standard price, you still actually get 60 days to try it out, If within that time you feel like it’s not working for you, the 60-day money back guarantee gets you a refund.

But if you’re honest and disciplined enough, then Venus Factor works. Just about everything you need is here for you to lose weight. It’s not a sudden weight loss program, but the weight loss here can be more easily maintained.

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