Customer Review of Kimberly Snider’s “Glowing Lean System”

Published in Diet on 16th February 2015

Description: The Glowing Lean System is a popular online weight loss program developed by Kimberly Snyder through personal experience. The info includes explanations as well as instructions.

Go online, and there’s no doubt that any search for weight loss systems and methods will give you a multitude of options. The problem is that not everything you see works, and sometimes the weight loss comes with a variety of health problems. It’s for that reason that the Glowing Lean System came to be.

What is the Glowing Lean System and Does It Work?

The Glowing Lean System is the brainchild of the renowned Kimberly Snyder, who’s a proven expert on weight loss through total lifestyle changes. She favors a more holistic approach, and she learned her way about weight loss through personal experience.

Once upon a time she was just one of those extremely thin Hollywood-types who jogged several miles a day while counting every calorie. On paper, she was a picture of health, but despite her weight she was often lethargic, she sometimes experienced joint aches, and the quality of her hair was brittle and stiff.

She then switched to eating more, but focused on what were reputably healthy food items such as whole wheat fat-free milk, and soy burgers. That was a short-lived experiment, however, as the results were not exactly positive. She became 30 pounds overweight and developed acne to boot.

Through her experiences, she developed the Glowing Lean System, which is more natural and holistic in its approach. It’s not really a book. Instead, it’s a complete website membership which gives you access to everything you need to know. Unlike a book, it comes with interactive elements and it keeps growing and changing over time.

But does it work? For me it does. It’s a membership program, and the increasing numbers of members indicate that it does for a lot of people. Many people like me like to show off their Glowing Lean System “Before and After” results so that members can be motivated to stay on the program.

The Glowing Lean System Diet, Meal Plan and Recipes

The first section starts with 10 educational modules, but before all that you’ll need to categorize yourself first.

  • If you’re a newbie to dieting and you’ve been eating typical fattening American meals since now, you’re a Caterpillar.
  • If you’ve actually in the healthy zone, and you want to be even healthier then you’re now Chrysalis.
  • Finally, if you’re in a vegetarian frame of mind and you’re willing to forego dairy products and meat, you’re a Butterfly.

While it does seem like there’s a bias towards the vegetarian lifestyle (why else call it the “butterfly” stage?), that’s not actually the case. The different categories simply acknowledge that every stage has its own specific needs and food plans.

Once you’ve determined your stage and category, it’s now time for you to learn the modules. You’ve got videos here along with PDFs you can print out if you want. What you need to understand here is that there aren’t just blind instructions. You’re told why you’re supposed to do the directions given here. By understanding the reasons, you can motivate yourself to stay in the program.

For each category, have different meal plans to choose from. You also have lots of recipes, and as a bonus you’re shown how to prepare the food items through videos. So even though on paper the recipes may seem complicated, with the video demos they’re all satisfactorily simplified.

You also get various presentations and instructions on how to fight your food cravings, along with directions on how to overcome plateaus when you won’t lose weight even though you still have a few pounds to go to be healthy.

Your membership to the Glowing Lean System gives you access to the members-only forum, where you can share tips, ask and answer questions, and give and take motivational support from others like you.

What Does the Glowing Lean System Cost and Is It Worth the Price?

The cost of the Glowing Lean System is very affordable, and the price often varies because there are frequent discounts offered every now and then. To get the current price, you should just head on out to their official website and see for yourself.

The best thing about the system is that the Glowing Lean System “Money Back” Refund is guaranteed for 60 days if you find yourself dissatisfied with what you’re getting. The refund is also very quick. A friend of mine who did order the Glowing Lean System was expecting a set of books and DVDs. Once she realized that it was all online (although the PDFs and the videos can be saved, of course), she asked for a refund and the company promptly complied with no hassle.

But this is a rare occurrence, and personally I find this membership is truly worth the cost, time and effort.

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