Build Your Self Esteem

Published in Uncategorized on 6th November 2016

Why is it a Human need?

For proper functioning, human beings need to have some self-esteem. It makes life a little bit easier and enjoyable. This is probably why people with self-esteem issues always try so hard to find any self-esteem article or attend classes to help boost their confidence.

Just like the basic human needs like cloths, food and shelter, people need self-esteem for them to feel like any other normal person. Without it, it is always as if life is a standstill and they are trapped in a world that is full of challenges. To better understand just how important self-esteem is, Maslow places it at the fourth level of the hierarchy of human needs. As put by Maslow, some of the esteem needs common among people include the need for respect as a feeling of achievement.

Just like Maslow, there are so many other researchers and psychologists who have conducted a study on self-esteem. One of these psychologists is Max-Neef who believes that self-esteem involves self-awareness and awareness of one’s surrounding. He categorizes as one of the most important human needs.

There are so many other reasons that should wake everyone to the reality of the importance of self-esteem. While so many people give up on their effort to boost their self-awareness, they should be made to understand that their efforts are never in vain. It is healthy and desirable to have it.

Something that is motivational is the fact that self-esteem can be raised through tasks. All that is required is commitment and the will to go all the way to a level where a person can walk shoulder high even in the mist of thousands of people. This is the kind of satisfaction that cannot be substituted with anything, but compliments other issues surrounding the well-being of that individual.

Self-Awareness worksheets

Self-esteem worksheets are tools that you can use to work on your self-esteem. Most of these worksheets are readily available online. They offer guidance on the issues surrounding your-life and involve asking yourself personal questions that provoke deep thinking. Through this thoughts and questions, a change is always eminent. You however first have to have the zeal to do with an open mind and a willingness to change for the better.

There are so many self-esteem tests that you can use to do a self-assessment. The ten question battery test is just but one of the many tests that will help you discovers your level of self-esteem. As you might know, you cannot solve something you do not know. Self-esteem levels are always different among people. Yours might be lower or higher than that of your friend. You can therefore not operate under the assumption that what worked for one person will also work for you. Rather than using another person’s results, you are therefore encouraged to personally go through a self-awareness test before seeking any type of help. Once you have the results, you can start building your self-esteem through different means.

How to build-Self Esteem

There are so many ways through which a person can build self-esteem. One of these ways is through Books. A visit to any book store will introduce you to a wealth of knowledge regarding self-esteem. Through books, you can learn about how people boosted their self-esteems and the process they used to do so. It is however not a must that you get a book that talks about self-esteem. As long as you find so much satisfaction from reading it, then it is worth reading it. Just try to get an inspiration and satisfaction from the books you read.

Another ways is by enrolling in a program through which your self-esteem will be boosted to reasonable levels. Some of these programs can be done at the comfort of your home. They are therefore convenient and effective for your need. If this cannot work for you, then get an expert who can take you through the journey in a more professional manner. This can be done either through group coaching or personal coaching depending on your need.

You might also want to consider doing some self-awareness exercises since they have a potential of raising your self-esteem to a level that is desirable. You can do this through meditation to just come back to the awareness of yourself. Yoga and martial arts are some of the best exercises that you might want to consider.

Which types of films do you always watch? Watching inspirational and uplifting films have been found to have something to do with self-esteem. They get you motivated and feeling like you can do it. Such are the films that you should spend your day watching. With time, you will be able to feel the positive effects.

Songs also have a therapeutic effect on the body. You therefore need to choose the types of songs you listen to. Rather than listening to songs with negative lyrics, try staying positive by picking songs that have a positive message. The kinds of songs that make you feel good about yourself and easy in your environment.

Choose your friends wisely. Friends act as a support system to help you build self-esteem. They have to be loving and caring, always trying to boost your self-awareness levels through all means. The last thing you want is a friend who keeps telling demotivating you and thwarting your efforts to change into a better person. You might have to change your list of friends if they do more bad than good to you. With today’s technological developments, it is easier to find like-minded individuals on social media or by just looking around in your neighborhood.

Finally, keeping a diary of yourself will lead you to a journey of being very aware of yourself. Through a diary, you are always having a conversation with yourself. You can use it to record all the issues surrounding your life and find remedies to them by just identifying them. It is also through a diary that you can easily record the progress you make in your quest to building self-esteem.

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