The Beta Switch Diet Plan and Weight Loss Program Review

Published in Diet on 9th February 2015

Description: Learn the Beta Switch secret, how this weight loss program works as well as its pros and cons in this review.

The Beta Switch for Fat Loss program was developed by renowned fitness expert Suze Heintze to remove stubborn fat. Now you’ve no doubt heard other weight loss programs for women that promise the same thing, but this is different because number one, the brains behind it, Suze, is an expert on the matter, and second, the system isn’t based on pseudoscience but solid, scientifically verifiable facts.

What is This Program?

The Beta Switch Diet Plan Free PDF is a 12 week lifestyle and nutrition program, complete with step by step instructions that will eliminate fat in your body. Unlike other weight loss solutions, you’ll see results even without rigorous exercise or depriving yourself of tasty food.

In essence what this program does is reveal what foods and drinks to take to help get rid of the excess fat and ensure fat burning receptors are in optimum working condition. Also, Suze talks about occasional “cheat days”, how to deal with it and why it’s actually essential not just to satisfy your urge but also boost your hormones. Once you get started, it will only take 7 days before changes take effect.

How Does the Program Work?


The system works by optimizing your beta receptors. All of us have alpha and beta receptors, the alpha stores fat (in the stomach, hips, thighs, shoulders., etc.) and the beta receptors, according to Suze, are responsible for getting rid of these. Unless these receptors are properly activated, it will be next to impossible to remove these fats even if you’re on a strict diet and exercise regularly.

What this program does is teach you how to turn on these receptors, accelerating the weight loss process and when combined with a sensible diet and regular workouts, produce the desired results. The program doesn’t work overnight but given enough time you’ll see and feel the changes.

What’s Included in the Product?

Besides the Beta Switch system secret, the program includes a comprehensive 12 week workout system that reveals how you can get the best possible results. The system explains how you can set the alpha and beta receptors to optimum levels, and the program reveals what cardio workouts is best for burning fat in your thighs, butt, arms, stomach etc.

In other words, you don’t just engage in a workout, but you do workouts that are best for burning fat, which other weight loss programs don’t teach. Even if you work out every day you’ll never lose those fats unless they are being targeted, which is what makes this different from the rest.

In addition to the main system, the program includes a special report that explains how to improve your body’s image. This is unique and will help anyone interested in feeling better and gaining self-confidence.

The program also includes information that will help you lose one jean size in as little as 9 days. In addition, the program ensures you’re in the proper mental state of mind as well. Here again, Suze touches upon an area that other weight loss solutions ignore, which is unfortunate because it’s very important.

As Suze explains, your mental state plays a key role in shaping the outcome because if you’re not mentally up to it, there’s no way you’ll succeed. What this part of the program does is show you how to get into the proper mindset to lose weight. The package also comes with a free 3 month membership for Tight n’ Toned, a nice bonus that will give you a big boost and help stay motivated.

Here is a complete list of all the modules included in the program:

  • The Beta Switch manual
  • Exercise Execution Guide
  • The Workout System Manual
  • A Video Exercise Library
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Pre-Program Checklist
  • Real Life Stories From Women Like You
  • Supplement Guide
  • Workout Tracker Sheet
  • Diet Tracker Sheet
  • Success Tracker


Suze also includes several bonuses for those who buy the system:

  • The 9 Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet: this is the program that reveals how you can lose weight quickly and trim the fat from your thighs, arms and stomach.
  • The Boost Your Body Image Report: as the name makes clear, this program focuses on improving your self-image. It’s not unusual for overweight women to not have confidence in themselves and maybe doubt their ability to lose those pounds. In this report, Suze offers advice on how to overcome this.
  • Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss: this is the part of the system that puts emphasis on the mental aspect. As Suze makes clear here, your mind plays a major role in how your body shapes up. With this ebook you’ll learn four simple tips that will steer your mind in the right direction.


The beta switch workout system has a lot of benefits:

  • No need to go on extreme diet or three hour daily workouts
  • Suze’s explanations are very clear and easy to follow
  • Inexpensive
  • Will work regardless of your current physical condition
  • Has a solid scientific basis for its claims


The Beta Switch results are very positive, but the system isn’t without drawbacks:

  • The program requires you to work out, although not as extensively when compared with other weight loss methods
  • The system is only available online

Where to Buy

the program is available on the official website, and you should only buy there to ensure you’re able to take advantage of the beta switch program coupon code and the discounts. Due to the huge number of people downloading and using the program, it’s inevitable that others have tried to latch onto the idea. However, those imitations are nowhere near as effective as this system, so avoid those.


So the answer to the question “the Beta Switch Solution – does it work?” is yes, it does. Sue Heintze has done a great job in creating a weight loss program that is completely different from anything else available today. If you’re tired of other weight loss programs that always fail to deliver, you try this out.

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