5 Tips on How to Be Happy Again

Published in Mental Health, Motivational on 8th November 2016

Happiness can simply be defined as a state of mind and it is something that someone chooses to have or not to have. In life, there are very many things that may happen in a person’s life that may at times cause them to get sad. However, it is wise for someone to not let any life circumstances to weigh them down since it is bound to affect them overall. One needs to choose to be happy and not to stay sad as most people believe that laughter is the best medicine. A happy person is bound to live longer. This article is going to cover a few things that one can follow that will guide them on how to be happy.

Tips on How to Stay Happy

  1. Learn to Laugh and to Play More

The easiest way of getting happiness is simply by laughing more than the times you frown. Laughter is a very therapeutic thing and the best part of it is the fact that it is something that everyone knows how to do. There is no special skill that one needs to learn in order to laugh and or smile, one simply needs to stay jovial, get jokes, see the humor in everyday activities and laugh your way to happiness.

One can get themselves to laugh by maybe watching comedy shows on televisions that would crack their ribs, by surrounding themselves with friends that always have their way in creating humor and even at time searching over the net like on you tube for videos that are funny such as vibes which will make you laugh and add more years to your life.

Even if a sad thing happens that maybe makes you feel down and distraught, a funny video will work magic in restoring you back to a jovial mood. Being happy can be from engaging with other people and reducing the moments that you spend by yourself doing nothing. You could go out to play, engage in club activities such as golfing or do anything outdoors that would get you engaged and gets your blood flowing.

This may be playing with your kids, walking the dog, playing your favorite sport or eve4n visiting friends such that the moments of solitude are eliminated so that you do not have time to feel sad and or sorry for your self. Get out and engage in something fun, the more you play, the happier you get and also the healthier you will be.

  1. Learn to Love More and not to be Overly Serious All the Time

The main reason that causes an individual not to feel happy is probably due to the fact that they may not be feeling that they have enough love from the people that they have in their lives. This may cause someone to be sad, isolated and alone, thinking that maybe no one really cares for them. This is very common and is the main reason as to why most people, even the young one s at time s fall into depression due to lack of love from the people close to them.

However, it is clear to note that it is very possible to create love. The only way to create love is by learning to give it out to the people that we care about. The more you give love, the more you will realize that those people are giving it back in return thus you will be able to have love in your life.

You could volunteer for charities and try to give unconditional love to every one and to different causes. When you learn to do this, you will realize that your heart begins to open and you will start embracing people more and appreciating life. You will notice the amount of love that the people around you have for you. The hearts becomes warm and ready to receive love too.

Another thing that can help make one happy is to stop taking everything way too seriously than they really are. Most people find themselves too stuck up on perfecting everything such that they are overly serious all the time. Not wanting to look bad in the eyes of other people will affect the way a person acts and also interferes with their overall happiness. In order to solve this, one should stop being too hard on themselves.

Never worry too much about how people may see you but instead focus more on what makes you happy and do it. Life is too short to live it pleasing other people. It is high time one lives for himself and do things that works well for their own good. Do what you enjoy and what makes you happy and you will have a happy and long life.

  1. Learn to be Always Grateful

Focus on the positive things that are happening in your life and ignore what may put you down. You may start by appreciating everything that is going well for you instead of looking at anything that may be going against your wishes. You may do this by writing down all the positive things that you have been able to achieve and use them as your motivation every day you wake up.

This may be simple things but once you write them down, you will realize that they have a long way of brightening up your mood every time you thing of each achievement. You can go over the list that you have written every morning when you wake up and every night before you retire to bed and you will realize that they have a way of lifting your spirits.

  1. Meditate Once in a While

Meditating is a very simple technique which is natural and works well in settling our mental selves. You may learn to practice a meditation session every day for about ten to maybe twenty minutes. At these moments, you just sit still and clear your thoughts and focus on the sounds of nature. You will need an extremely silent environment to successfully carry out your meditation sessions.

This method settles your thoughts and helps you to move away from what ever may be making you sad and to just appreciate silence and to be at peace with your self, mind body and soul keeping all your thoughts aligned. This method helps in getting rid of sad thoughts effectively.

  1. Relax A lot

At times, it is just important to take time off and relax. Take a deep breathy and take a break from it all. It may be work; it may be family or even friends that are stressing you and make you sad. You simply have to keep all these off your mind and relax at least for an hour every day. Watch a movie or engage in any hobby that you have. It may be drawing, cooking or even singing. Forget every other thing for a while and focus on yourself and your own happiness if only for a moment. This works a long way in lifting ones spirits and improving their mood.

Following these five steps daily will amaze you at how happy you will become. You only need to take action to achieve self happiness.

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